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About the BugChecker Project

A Brief History

BugChecker was developed by me (Vito Plantamura) in 2002, at the age of 21, as the only way to deepen understanding of the Windows NT kernel.

At that time, the amount and quality of information about this topic was very low (compared to today and with the exception of Solomon and Russinovich books). However, after several months of reverse engineering and development, I came out with a first version of BugChecker, only compatible with Windows 2000 and featuring a C compiler and linker I wrote at the age of 17 (more info here).

Then the project remained inactive and source-closed for 7 years, until I decided, in January 2010, to resume it, primarily by extending compatibility to Windows XP (through the BcUtil software) and by opening its source code to the community of system developers and enthusiasts, under GPL2 license.

At this time, I'm searching for contributors in order to make BugChecker a valid, useful, free and open alternative to SoftICE and other commercial debuggers.

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