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BugChk.Dat Remote Creation

You can generate a BugChk.Dat file for a NTOSKRNL.EXE module different from the one in your Windows\System32 directory. This is useful if you are installing BugChecker on a system without an internet connection and/or a supported version of Visual Studio installed. Copy the NTOSKRNL.EXE file in your BugChecker directory and type:

C:\BugChecker> bcutil /1 /local

This command will generate a BugChk.Dat file in your BugChecker directory. At this point, copy this file in the Windows\System32\Drivers directory on the target system and type (again on the target system):

C:\BugChecker> bcutil /2 /3 /4

This command will install BugChecker drivers as explained here, but without requiring an active internet connection or a Visual Studio installation.

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