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Here are several screenshots of BugChecker, both running on physical hosts and on VmWare:

BugCheckerVideo (vpcicevd) starting at boot-time on Windows XP.
BCV hooks DirectDraw and is later called by BugChecker to get info about the display frame buffer.
BugChecker (vpcice) on Windows XP on VmWare.
BcUtil.exe downloads and translates NtOsKrnl symbols (publics and types) generating a BugChk.Dat file.
This file contains offsets to key kernel functions and type fields.

Other screenshots of BugChecker, focusing on functionalities:

BugChecker tracing in user code, after a breakpoint hit.
BC features a C-like compiler and instant linker: the breakpoint was defined through the use of a C-written macro.
Compiling and evaluating a macro function.
Evaluating a complex, floating point macro.
Breakpoint on I/O access.
Breakpoint on memory access.

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